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Thursday, March 9, 2006

Oh What a Life to Live

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Marjory and Skylar decided to start a family. They tried and tried and tried some more to only the “WooHoo” want was available, which only took like 5 times. Although she was officially pregnant, she refused to be the person to just sit around and grow larger. She went to work one more time before she went on maternity leave. Since she also has a bright gift of Knowledge she worked on building her skills and maximizing a few of them like cooking. But not all of them came without a challenge.

“Scalpel? Check. Blue experiment? Check. Horse? Che- horse?! Let’s just put this back in here then… ::cough:: nothing to see here…”

By now she had maximized her cooking, cleaning, logic and mechanical skill and just wanted to chill and relax with a wink of sleep or two, because you know that it’s so important to make sure their needs are in the green.

“Its weird, this whole time that I’ve been pregnant, I have never been sick. Just random times that I’ve woken up from my cheap, leopard print sleep.”

Shame she was feeling like her first pregnancy was making her self- esteem drop, nothing that a good painting couldn’t solve.
“Ugh. I feel like a balloon and this is only my second day.”

Announcement, the day has arrived and Marjory is looking ecstatic as ever over her new baby.

IT’S A GIRL!! Baby Latrice Vallieres has been born today. While mother and daughter bond, Skylar is out at his new job as a Security Guard. Let’s hope he doesn’t get into any trouble with his female co-workers. Who knows what kind of reputation that could lead to?

Oh, I can just see our little Latrice becoming a Politician, running a chain of restaurants as the Head Chef, or having the Grim Reaper as her friend through Paranormal means. Okay, okay, getting ahead of ourselves, she’s only a baby of course.

“Couchie Couchie Coo.”

Not once has Skylar played with Latrice, sources report that he’s been around the block many a time. Yet Marjory still hasn’t taken any notice, maybe she is just too concerned with I don’t know, her child? Anyway, the last I heard he was rejected by the gardener for not having any muscles. Well wouldn’t you know that as soon as she left, he bought himself an exercise machine, and worked out on it for hours on end.

“Oww. Oww!! Looking good. Who’s the Don Juan, now? That’s what happens when you spend the whole night on the exercise machine. You get muscles and more and- what’s that smell? Before I act the part of a ladies man- phew, I better take a shower first”

Thanks Skylar, you finally pitched in and helped baby Latrice become toddler Latrice. She looks so excited that her father is helping her with her age transition- or was that gas?

“You’re growing up so fast. I remember all those times when you’d wake up in the middle of the night for a bottle, or to change your diaper. Now you’re a toddler and then after that a child. But first let’s get you potty trained so I or your mother won’t have to change your diaper anymore. No siree bob,” mused Skylar.
“Ha ha ha”

Who said “dancing the night away” had to be for adults? College Rock gives a whole new meaning to Latrice as she bops along with the music.

“Blub. Blup. Blub. Yay!”

Surprisingly enough, even though she literally did not have any complications with her first birth, this one she was not so lucky.

“Oh, I never had this problem with Latrice. And it’s not even the morning! I just know that this little one will be trouble. I just hope the world will be prepared for such an event. Oh my God. Where’s the toilet?!”

Before she went into her first trimester, Marjory started working on her muscles. Lunges, sit-ups/crunches, abs, and thigh workouts. Needless to say, she was not a happy camper.

“And one. And two. And three. And four. Feel the burn. And six. And seven. And eight. Are you feeling it yet? And ten.”
“I’m feeling the burn…I don’t want to feel it anymore. Stop counting!”

Granted Skylar, doesn’t really pitch in at all with this new pregnancy (not that he did with the first either) at least he went Downtown and picked up a baby book of names for her.

Dear Diary,
Today, I had Skylar bring me back a Book about Baby Names; well I picked out my favorites. If it’s a girl: Augustine, Althea, and Teagan. If it’s a boy: Sergio and Valentine. I know, I know, they’re odd names. That’s what Skylar told me when I suggested them. What were his picks for them you ask? For a girl: Bambi, Porche, and Honey, now I thought that those were all inappropriate names for a child, but maybe it’s just me? For a boy: Wayne, Cameron, Julian. And another name, Kif, although to be honest Diary, I have no idea what gender that name belongs to. Toodles.

Skylar was in his bedroom day dreaming about Genesis, the maid that he had an affair with after the construction of his new home. 5 minutes later his wife went into labor and he was, let’s say, less than enthusiastic.

Since he missed the first birth of his daughter Latrice, Skylar decided to stay home for a bit until Marjory was done with her pregnancy. He really didn’t want to break her heart, but not only was he a Romance Sim, but he didn’t even want a large family. “One was quite enough,” he thought. He didn’t even play with the dolls to keep Latrice busy. Oh what a life to live.

Finally the day arrived, the big day I mean, and not marriage she already did that, the second birth. She even wanted a baby to because it showed up in her wants and fears.

Well here I am. TWINS! I, myself can’t believe it. A boy and a girl. Skylar and I compromised on their names. I picked Teagan for a girl and he picked Julian for a boy. Double trouble, but I always have Skylar to help me with these two, I might even persuade him to have another 🙂 Maybe three is in fact enough. To think 5 of us in 1 home. We barely had enough space for three, how on earth can we handle 5??



  1. Wow, twins! Congratulations. 🙂 I loved the diary and founder commentary. I hope Skylar dosen’t prove to be too much trouble now that he is the father of three. Oh, and Latrice’s little tux is just too cute. 😉

    Comment by Bitsy — Thursday, March 9, 2006 @ 10:34 pm

  2. Your family’s so cute! I love them! And congratulations on twins! I lovee them! They’re so much fun once you get the hang of them.

    Comment by Jessica — Tuesday, March 21, 2006 @ 1:57 am

  3. Awesome! A Romance sim Dad and twins… I smell trouble…

    Comment by Channe — Tuesday, March 21, 2006 @ 1:52 pm

  4. Just got done reading all the posts for this family. I must say that I am intrigued. Marj is a really pretty Sim; I love her hair! I don’t know why, but Skylar gives me bad vibes. I hope he helps out with the twins!

    Comment by Erne — Monday, April 24, 2006 @ 7:28 am

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