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Friday, March 3, 2006

Gnomes, Romance and Construction

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Gerard and Marjory had a great conversation going she asked about money he gave and answer and she asked about his money and his fears and what he wanted.
He had little money, feared fire, and wanted a wedding party—- hold on, a WEDDING party? Oh yes Marjory, a wedding party to go along with that engagement ring on his middle finger…. [A/N- I completely forgot that I had my other sim engaged to him… oops 0=)].

“Gerard, that engagement ring on your finger, why is it that you have it?”
“Oh well it’s not mine… i-its for a friend…” he stuttered.
“That is it! Get off my property! SHOO!”

Being who she was- which I’m pretty sure means she’s completey compulsive about writing things down, seriously when I leave her alone she always does- she always wrote her experiences in her diary

“Dear Diary,
I’ve had such bad luck. I wonder how I’d fare if I was a gnome”

Severe Depression, hunger, zero fun and our Marj was feeling a little blue.

The poor sim couldn’t even sleep with her eyes closed. She concentrated on starting the day off to a lovely start. She was even starting her new job on Tuesday, how could she be concerned or confused about that?

After her first day of work, a lone sim walked aimlessly by. His name was Skylar Ryan, an attendee at college. She spoke to him about her job, what he wanted to do with his life, and if he preferred a llama or a cow. He comforted her and made her feel better. She asked him out. He turned her down, said she was too emotionally broken at the time. Time passed and they developed little crushes that could make even a cold person say aw.

Then days passed and she invited him over again, but this time she had plans running through her head, marriage plans that is.

“Will you marry me, Skylar?”
He hesitated at first, completely unsure if he wanted it to get that serious that fast, “I will”

Now that she was engaged and ready to start her own legacy- almost anyway, she focused on her career at hand. After endless jobs of crazy night hours…

She finally started working when the general public was awake- minus the vampires that is. On one occasion, she even brought home a friend from work. After the complicated game of chess, which I myself cannot play, Marjory chatted about her interests and inquired about her friend…

“Yes, I enjoy spatulas. Plastic, metal, and wood ones are my favorite. How about you?”
“Umm…..okay. Spatulas are uh-nice…” she replied. What, wouldn’t you be a little wary of someone who continually spoke about spatulas?

The complete sim week went by and all Marj wanted to do was get to the top of her career, but she was afraid of losing touch with her hubby-to-be. Immediately after she got back from work (surgeon) she called up Skylar, and invited him over. Her plans this time? Getting married.
“Skylar, I will love and cherish you from this day forward so long as we both shall live…”
“Marjorie, I will love and cherish you from this day forward so long as we both shall live…”

Name: Skylar Ryan Vallieres

Asperiation: Romance

Sign: Taurus

Turn On’s: Muscle and Make-up

Turn Off’s: Swim Wear

LTW (Life Time Want): Woohoo with 20 Different Sims

Politics: 2
Money: 5
Environment: 0
Crime: 5
Entertainment: 7
Culture: 8
Food: 1
Health: 2
Fashion: 9
Sports: 9
Paranormal: 7
Travel: 7
Work: 2
Weather: 4
Animals: 1
School: 4
Toys: 4
Sci-Fi: 4

*He only brought in $2,927 but Marjory made thousands so altogether they had 10,000 or so*

They built this small but efficient home that could only fit maybe 4 people, perfect for the next generation =).

They literally had no money left in their “account”, so as you can see I had to furnish it with all Marjory’s old stuff. Minus the bed of course, which was upgraded to the lowest posible double bed they could afford.

***I really apologize for not uploading in a while, but I was swamped with studying for my permit (I passed BTW!) and endless forms to fill out. However, I’m done so hopefully I’ll be updating more often. And thanks to a freak closing of school yesterday due to a “blizzard”- yeah okay, 5 inches doesn’t make it a blizzard last time I checked. I mean I live in Pennsylvania, we should be used to this kind of weather. Alright sorry for that endless ramble lol.***



  1. Yikes, a Romance Sim. Talk about a challenge, I wouldn’t have been up for that first generation! So, I guess second generaion is just around the corner then, eh? The house is really cute too, windowless just as most first/second generation legacy houses are but really cute. 😉

    That’s cool that you live in Pennsylvania, that’s where I grew up, in central Pennsylvania. It does seem that people forget how to deal with snow between winters, and in my part of Pennsylvania, were notorious for over-reacting to it. But, enough rambling. 😉

    Comment by Bitsy — Sunday, March 5, 2006 @ 5:26 am

  2. Great job on your Legacy so far. I chuckled a few times while reading update. 🙂 Best of luck to Marj and Skylar!

    Comment by Jen — Monday, March 6, 2006 @ 11:07 pm

  3. I would have made a good Pope — Richard Nixon

    Comment by spongy economy — Monday, October 22, 2007 @ 3:17 am

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